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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 5, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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sheila dixon with a long list of charges. >> absolutely. that is why i think the grand jury returned the indictments of again. >> we will deal with the case on the schedule that has been set. >> the defense team -- >> we got a little bit more discovery on the new charges. we expect we will be filing a new motion with respect to the new grand jury as well as other issues. >> i fully anticipate that they will bring up any motions that they can. >> on the 18th, the state must reply. on september 30, a hearing on all the motions will take place with the trial now scheduled for november 9. >> we will just have to wait and see. they have 30 days to come up
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with some creative motions. >> it is possible it could throw out the new calendar off. >> there is continuing coverage of the new indictments on our website. you can read more on the charges she faces and review previous reports on her case, and the one against helen holton. >> it appears that men could be forced to dedicate more money that covers state employee retirement costs because the value of maryland's public pension fund has fallen more than 20% over the past year. at its peak of 2007, they had $40.9 billion. as of june 30, the system had shrunk to $28.5 billion.
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do you have any bright ideas about cost-cutting? governor martin o'malley is still looking for ideas on how to balance the budget. he has so far received thousands of replies. david collins is live with the details. >> the governor has already carved out hundreds of millions of dollars out of the budget but more needs to be done. this is an opportunity for the public to participate and do more than just complain. desperate times demand desperate measures. for the past two weeks, the o'malley administration has been soliciting budget cutting ideas from the public. they launched an electronic suggestion box. >> i recognize you as the man who keeps his word. >> the governor declared he has received phenomenal feedback. >> thousands of suggestions,
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literally. 459 pages of suggestions. >> measures include going paperless, tele-committing, and allowing grass to grow longer. the governor is looking for ways to cut another $420 million, and the next round of reductions are expected to target local government and the worker compensation. >> what do i think? >> i will come back to you. a lot of people said that. >> what should the governor considered? >> i think the governor should consider to allow parents to contribute to the public school system with activities. >> the per diem of state legislators -- they don't work full time. >> what would you suggest? >> my suggestion would be that
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he should cut his salary and not lay off any state workers or give them any furloughs. >> the governor has already picked the brains of his staff. the state is broke, so don't expect to be paid, but you will be thanked. >> we are striving to get back to everyone that have road in. there are things that we have never thought of before. every dollar is important. >> the governor's suggestion box idea ends august 10. the website is >> president obama says his economic stimulus package is making an historic commitment to innovation, and the baltimore region will benefit. he was in indiana today where he announced grants to develop the
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next generation of batteries in electric vehicles. the project could create tens of thousands of new jobs. >> i don't want to have to import a hybrid car. i want to be able to build a hybrid car here. >> the gm plant will get $105 million to produce a global rear wheel drive electric cart. >> the public interest group says the plan could save the state $54 million. they endorsed a report, outlining ways to cut costs like electronic medical records and creating a public health insurance option. they said they should focus on the long-term benefits. >> the price tag on the reform is $1 trillion, but that ignores
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the fact that we could save two to three times that much with the potential benefit to the country as a whole. >> she says that without reform, the united states is expected to trend -- is expected to spend over $40 trillion. >> a measure would allow states to conduct wireless cell phone jamming in prison. proponents contend it would interfere with cellphone usage with law-abiding citizens. the bipartisan measure now heads to the senate floor for consideration. a man charged in the stabbing death of a woman has been declared not criminally responsible. 23-year old david briggs was committed to the hospital center.
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he stabbed aysha ring in the neck as she stood in line in catonsville. she died at a hospital. >> if you travel the northern parkway, you should consider finding an alternate route. we told you yesterday about a 10-inch water main break. cruise noticed a lead there it at the same area. both of them have now been fixed but they are now in the process of re-paving the area. tonight, three teenagers are in the custody after setting fire to a high-school football field. the 17-year olds admitted to causing the damage at middletown high school for no apparent reason. kim dacey is live. >> police say good detective work led to the quick arrest of
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three brunswick high school students less than 24 hours after the damage was discovered. >> the first thing i told my husband, i said it was probably somebody from brunswick. >> 3 rising seniors were arrested and charged for setting the football field at middletown high school on fire on sunday. >> why would you do that? i don't understand what would be the point in doing that. >> the only thing police got out of them was that they admitted to being unhappy and they wanted to cause damage. it is estimated to be about at $20,000 to the astroturf and scoreboard. >> i think they are surprised, upset, and commitment -- and they may be little bit of anger. i think we will rally together and move on.
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>> the field should be fixed by the time practice start on august 15. fans think this is one rivalry that should have not gone outside of the field. >> the teens were released to the custody of their parents but are facing charges as juvenile. >> they were held captive for five months in north korea, but two american journalists are back on american soil. laura ling and euna lee flew back with former president bill clinton after negotiating their release. >> president obama called it a source of happiness for the entire country.
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in burbank, calif., the two journalists were reunited with their families. with them, former president bill clinton who went to north korea to negotiate for their release. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. >> more details are emerging about their captivity. they were kept apart and poorly fed. >> she is really anxious to have fresh fruit and food. she was telling us about how there were rocks in her race. >> president obama think bill clinton and former vice president al gore. >> all american should be grateful to both former president clinton and vice president al gore for their extraordinary work. >> we have always considered
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that a totally separate issue. >> the secretary of state's -- the state department insisted that the high-profile visit does not set a precedent for dealing with difficult regimes. >> the state department says the north koreans made it clear that former president clinton was the one person that could get them out and president obama asked to go, but officials maintain this was a private humanitarian mission. >> there is continuing coverage of the freed journalists on our website. there you can see more of the video of them returning to the u.s. and hear their emotional comments. >> that was really nice to watch live this morning after they got off of the plane.
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still to come, no one wants to end their state at the beach at a hospital. >> the impact of injuries leaves the ravens looking for more than just an offensive tackle. >> there are some showers on hd doppler. it looks like our rain chances go up again tonight and tomorrow. a nice looking late afternoon , .
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>> if you are heading to ocean city, you should be aware of a new lot. >> the town council passed a law that requires people to wear
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helmets and shoes if writing motorized scooters. the law does not apply to those who drive their own and scooters, just rentals. >> hour -- are infants and toddlers to young to learn water survival skills? >> tonight at 11:00, melissa carlson examines the controversy over infant swim class's. >> the video can be difficult to watch. gabrielle law is only nine months old but her mother believes she is learning a lesson that will save her life. >> i just want to make the precautions that if something happens, she will know what to do. >> the class is for children as young as six months old and while that may give parents peace of mind, some doctors do not think it is a good idea. >> from a public health
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perspective, it is sending out the wrong message. >> are they too young to learn water survival skills? some doctors believe it creates a bigger problem. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> it sure looked like we were going to get some rain today but it looks like so far as the rain is staying to the north in pennsylvania. we still had a chance for showers tonight and tomorrow but we certainly missed out on the action that i thought would come today. 85 today at bwi marshall, official weather station. it is at 19 degrees below the record high for the day, 104 degrees on the fifth of august in 1930. a lot cooler out in the mountains. it is only 64 degrees in oakland
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right now. lower elevations, a little more sunshine, temperatures in that 80's. ocean city has been in the 90's. now at 91 degrees. the clubs are going to be thickening overnight and we may see some scattered showers in the area as we head into tomorrow morning. 20% chance of a shower of late tonight. if you look at our satellite imagery, you see this line of clouds be. that is the front coming in from our north and west. this one so far has been dry, at least in our area, but noted that the clubs are becoming a little enhanced right here.
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this is an area of low pressure that will pass mostly south of us. a cold front coming in, low pressure developing along it, so you have to hang on to the possibility of rain before high- pressure can come in and clear things out before friday and the weekend. there you see the showers tomorrow afternoon, and then the skies clear out. the further west you go, the more sunshine you will see during the day tomorrow. 77 to 82 degrees tomorrow, a cooler than normal day. thanks to clouds and that northeast wind. out in western maryland, we expect a sunny day tomorrow. around the chesapeake, showers become more likely.
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at ocean city cannot look for some showers tomorrow and a little bit cooler. -- at ocean city, look for some showers tomorrow and a little bit cooler temperatures. the heat arrives on sunday and monday, highs in the mid 90's. >> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> no one thing changes a football team's approach faster than injuries. the loss of adam terry impacts far more than one position for the ravens. pete gilbert has more from the raven's training camp. >> reaganomics comes to the ravens training camp. the rest of the offensive line is something that will linger.
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with no adam terry, what now? >> i hope there is something else he can put together. >> he carries a reputation of flat out nastiness. or maybe the coordinator scratched from the playbook entirely. >> we are probably about ready to move out of the three tackle thing. we will find a way to get the job done. >> every year, personnel-wise, it steers in a different direction because it is all about the people that you have got. >> now we will get another glimpse of what he can cook up in the lab for 2009. >> when eli manning first entered the nfl, you may remember hearing that he may
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have had trouble living up to his brother. $100 million, he will pull down an average of nearly $15 million a year, almost more than $1 million a year than his brother peyton. the orioles have had few bright spots since the all-star game, and very few, but they now have a shining star. the kind of performance that gives the fans reward for their patience and the rebuilding process. he got his first career strikeout on cabrera. he only gave up one run during his night of work. it becomes the fifth ever rookie
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to win his debut this year. the orioles take the game, 8-2. stick around, tom tasselmyer th- .
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>> here is a look at what we are working on for 11 news tonight. >> i remember thinking that i wanted to hold my breath because i was afraid esol me breathing, he would shoot again. >> that is one of the many horrifying survival stories after a gunman opened fire in pennsylvania. more federal stimulus money is headed for baltimore.
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>> insta-weather plus, some showers moving through tonight and tomorrow. some heat coming in for the weekend. 90's for sunday and monday. a little payback for this easy summer. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great evening.
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